Do The Greeks Have The Key To Beating Acne?

November 26th, 2014 by admin

The typical Greek diet may look fairly unhealthy, considering the way we were raised, because it does contain a lot of fat. Olive oil is used with abandon on most things – veggies are roasted in it, it is used to flavor bread, etc.

The Greeks really do not do low fat – everything is full fat – but it is the right kind of fat. Conventional wisdom holds that this is a very unhealthy diet but the latest research indicates that it is us, not the Greeks, who have been missing the boat.

Looking at a typical Greek lunch, for example, you will find that vegetables play a major part in the meal. Dessert may be made up of fruit. There is very little processed food to be had and the emphasis is on taste.

It is because of these healthy fats and the flavor of the food that the diet works – you feel fuller for longer and do not feel deprived. The monounsaturated fats are actually good for your health.

The fats help your body to take in the glucose contained in the meal at a more steady rate – no highs and lows in your blood sugar and no insulin rushing the cells.

And insulin is a big baddie when it comes to acne – high blood insulin levels make the body less effective at balancing hormones. When the hormones are unbalanced, acne is more likely.

Add to that the fact that the body requires healthy fats in order to operate properly and in order to clear up inflammatory chemicals in the blood and you will see why these fats are vital.

People who try this form of diet have, contrary to what you would expect, lost weight and find that they have more energy and vitality and a clearer skin. In addition to this, using the best acne product will help you maintain a clear and healthy skin.

The basics are simple – Three meals a day with a snack in between each. The food should be as simple and unprocessed as possible but needs to be tasty.

The Greeks are big on using herbs and spices – such as rosemary to up the taste factor. The only oil you should use is Olive oil – use in place of margarine on potatoes and bread.

Be sure to include mostly vegetables with the meal – they are the main course, not the side dish. Eat healthy fat with every meal.

Lunch is to be the main meal of the day, not dinner. Once you get the basics right, the diet falls into place quite easily.